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3D milling wax models

3D milling

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Casting jewelry and souvenir products from precious metals to order

Impeccable quality models:

We offer the manufacture of jewelry using 5-axis CNC milling machines. The program determines the movement of the tool along 5 axes. The highest accuracy and quality of wax model processing has no analogues when prototyping master models made jewelry of comlex geometry, requiring absolute casting quality.
Models are maded from special varieties of wax, having the following qualities:
strenght to withdstand forces during milling and finishing;
low melting point;
long-term shelf life;
absence of residual ash after annealing.


Contact us 098 533-88-33 and get detailed advice about the service.

 Advantages of milling 3D models:

Technology makes it possible to exclude temporary costs for processing. Our equipment allows you to cut models of complex products from a single wax bar. The price of milling  a 3D model depends on size, complexity, urgency, material. In the manufacture of simple in form jewelry it is possible to calculate the processing area. When working with complex  products, a large number of fine and small details, payment is changed depending on the time spent, since the processing time is significantly increased.
Company designers go toe-to-toe with the times, taking into account fashion trends in jewelry. We will develop a unique design there will be no second such jewelry. We guarantee high quality, compliance with terms of the transaction.
high surface quality;
perfect combination individual elements;
high detail;
minimal shrinkage after casting.


The cost of 3D modeling
calculated individually

To accurately calculate the cost, send an application to our specialist with the necessary information.

5 axis milling machineCORITEC 250i:

Used milling technology in five axes allows you to create complex restorations with divering cults and undercuts without futher refinement.

Technical features of milling machine Coritec 250i Wet 5 axes 

• Simultaneous milling up to +/-30°
• Monitoring of operation time/tool failure
• Integrated coolant cooling circuit
• High precision spindle with speeds up to 60,000 rpm
• Automatic tool replacement system (12 cutter magazine) 
• Monitoring of compressed air and coolant levels
• Processing of zirconium, PMMA, wax, plastic, laminated materials in blocks
• Possibility of processing premiled abutments
• Integrated control computer with touch screen

    For an accurate cost calculation, send an application to our specialists with the necessary information