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Printing 3D models with 100% wax

3D Wax Printing

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With today’s technology it is quite realistic to get an order for a ring in the morning, send it ti the printer in the daytime, pour it the next day and send for the the next day – 72 hours from order to delivery.  

We offer you to print 100% wax 3D models at a bargain price. The highest quality of wax models (layer size 16 microns) is perfomed on  3D System ProJet 2500W equipment. We carry out one-time, small-series and serial orders for printing. 

Contact us 098 533-88-33 and get detailed advice about the service

Features and benefits. More and more jewelers around the world are using this technology adding more plasticity in jewelry, without limiting your imagination to the old technological limitations of injector wax.

  • Significantly cheaper and faster than printing on Solidscape.
  • The quality of the wax model in 3 times higher than that of Solidscape products. 
  • No technological limitations inherent in injection systems. 
  • Significant savings at all stages of processing after casting due to low roughness of the surfaces.
  • The ability to quickly scale the project in a short time. 

The cost of 3D modeling
calculated individually

To accurately calculate the cost, send an application to our specialist with the necessary information. 

Solving all your problems in the field of jewelry design using 3D printing. Each jewelry style has its own design and production features. Our 3D jewelry solutions provide competitive advantages, thanks to high quality, accuracy and reliability necessary for any style. 

East style 
For elements such as thin wires, twisted pipes and decorative surfaces, sharpness and fine details are crucial, our 3D printing solutions for prototyping, casting ang rubber casting threaten high quaility and the smallest details up to 0.2 mm. 


These structures require the ability to produce hollow, light filigree shapes and shapes of thin wire mesh. Our solutions for the production of models made of molded plastic or 100% wax provide the capabilities required for these highly detaoled products. 

Filling with stones

Designs with single, multiple stones and paving stones, some of which include micro teeth with gaps of only 0,2 mm require accurate drawings and excellent  surface finish. Our Solutions for 3D Jewelry Printing from functional prototyping and verification of stone fixation, to models for direct casting or casting of rubber – allows you to create parts with high accuracy smooth surface and small details, necessary even for the smallest teeth. 

West style 

These sturdy heavier structures have a large surface area that requires patterns with a smooth surface. From prototyping to design validation to 3D printed models for direct casting and rubber forming – our 3D solutions create geometry that easily fits into your production process.