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3D Scanning in jewelry industry

3D scanning

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3D Scanning is the most advanced way to transition a physical object into digital format  which helps to significantly optimize the process in jewelry production. Depending on the characteristics (scanning accuracy, resollution, mobility and others) a 3D scanner is able to take pictures of a variety of objects from miniature parts to buildings and production facilities. The technology finds application in many industries: automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, machine building, ship building, medicine – where it is successfully used to control geometry and reserve engineering. The high accurancy provided by 3D scanning is especially relevant for the jewelry industry, where the most important role is played by  the reproduction of small details and comlex shapes and surfaces.

3D Scanning tasks:

jewelry design;
restoration of damaged or lost products;
creating a digital archive.

To design a three-dimensional model of a comlex product, the designer jeweler must have high qualifications and skills. Modern 3D scanners and scanning data processing software offer a simple interface available to an experienced user, allowing you quickly create a three-dimensional model in the form of STL file, edit it and print it on 3D printer or create it using traditional method.

Contact us 098 533-88-33 and get detailed advice about the service.

Advantages of 3D scanning 

  • High performance of 3D scanners ( fast and accurate conversion of the scanned object into digital form);
  • Accuracy of scans of models with small size and many small details;
  • Simplicity of jewelry restoration process;
  • Obtaining a 3D model in an automated mode of ” gluing” images;
  • Reduction of the production  cycle in the manufacture of the final product;
  • Convenience in working with 3D scanner software; 
  • The ability to quickly make adjustments to the three-demensional model at the development stage.

The cost of 3D modeling
calculated individually

To accurately calculate the cost, send an application to our specialist with the necessary information. 

3d scanning in design

3D scanning in design, restoration and creation of a digital archive of jewelry.  

Copy, reatore optimize or analyze various products using 3D scanning and modeling the main tasks solved using reverse engineering. 

If you need to restore the product with damaged or missing parts, 3D scanner an indispensable tool, jeweler will significantly speed up the restoration process and allow you to recreate the object in its original form or with necessary modifications in  a 3D model. Since scanning is done in a contacless way you can be sure that jewelry, even the smallest and most fragile, will not be affected. Further for the production of jewelry the enterprise may initialy first make a small trial  series, based on the 3D model using the technology of casting plastic onto silicone molds, saving time and money. Before starting large-scale production of the 3D model, if necessary, it is possible to quickly fix it. In addition to solving specific production problem, 3D scanning provides unlimited creative freedom, after all you can scan almost any item that the master implements into a  jewelry work of art. For example, the client wants to leave a memory of his favorite motorcycle. The engine of a real motorcycle is scanned, a 3D model is formed, after which jeweler makes  a pendant which completely reproduces the shape of the engine. Thus thanks to 3D technologies, there is an opportunity to create unique jewelry, fulfilling the most original wishes of the customer.  Data obtained during scanning can be easily archived. Digital archiving is a convinient way to store various objects (including jewelry and details, works of art, antiques, museum exhibits) in the form of a three-dimensional mathematical model. After digitalization the finished 3D model is stored in one of the many available  formats and achived this significantly saves time spent. 

    For an accurate cost calculation, send an application to our specialists with the necessary information