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3D modeling in the jewelry industry

3D мodeling

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In the viceo you can see the finished product, a ring designed by jeweler Andrii Kuksin.

3D jewelry modeling

The process of modeling jewelry like all other types of creating a three-dimensional picture of any object or item, is performed using highly specialized computer programs, 3D editors for professional and home use. Creating a 3D model is based on a sketch of the future object, with accurate observance of all specified mathematical, color and texture parameters: scales, forms of cutting, type of precious metal, purity of used stones, their shade and other subtleties. The basis can also be a drawing, a photograph or real prototype model.

Benefits of 3D jewelry modeling

Using the capabilities of 3D modeling jewelry will allow you to get the following many important bonuses:
Clearly assess the potential of the model made according to existing sketches and drawings without spending money and time for the actual manufacture of it in metal;
The ability to make an unlimmited number of adjustments to the parameters of the product including its proportions, dimensions, type of metal, variety of stones, up to a completely satisfactory result;
Specialized programs not only reflect the object visually but also carry out its construction, taking into account the specifics of jewelry technologies such as the density/softness of stones and metal, the optimal depth of stone planting;
Based on one successful sample it is possible to develop several subspecies of it, a kind of series varying only the types of materials used;
The ability to calculate the quantity with absolute accuracy materials necessary for the manufacture of jewelry, the size of the inserts, etc.; In other words creating a high-quality 3D model will significantly save the client’s money the power of the executor, and the time for both.

Contact us 098 533-88-33 and get detailed advice about the service


An example of a cross 3D model

Developing 3d models jewelry 

We invite our future customers to order professional 3D modeling of jewelry from the spesialists of our studio. To do this you have enough sketch of the future model or its detailed text description (in this case you will additionally need to develop and approve the sketch). The creation of a three-dimensional model takes place using the latest specialized programs and carried out as soon as possible. If desired futher rendering of the object is possible. The question of the service which is a priority, both for its executor and for the customer depends on a number of factors:
comlexity of the object;
the degree of detail of all elements ordered by the client;
number of different views,;
satisfactory completeness of the initial material (drawings, sketches);
urgency of the order;
special wishes of the client.
All of these points are discussed and agreed on an individual basis, after direct communication.

With the help of 3D modeling, it is possible to create any jewelry with high accuracy of detail.
A wax proototype is printed from the finished model to vizualize

The cost of 3D modeling calculated individually

To accurately calculate the cost, send an application to our specialist with the necessary information. 

Who may need 3d modeling

Who is the service of creating a 3d model of jewelry? For any client having one or more of the following purposes:
development of exclusive jewelry for yourself, for a gift, for subsequent sale;
restoration of a lost or badly damaged ring, bracelet or earings;
the most fruitful cooperation with the client and the rapid achievement of mutual understanding on the project; understanding your own desires, if you are a client of a jeweler-designer;
wonderful presentation and advertising of jewelry, which “it is better to see once”; compiling a catalog of not yet created jewelry, ordering them by sellers and manufacturers;
development of jewelry collections for jewelry enterprises;
The list is by no means exhaustive and can be extended many times, depending on the personal needs of the client.

    For an accurate cost calculation, send an application to our specialists with the necessary information