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Laser engraving and cutting jewelry metals

Laser engraving

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We engrave gold and silver on our own equipment and  guarantee the highest quality of the engraved image due to computer modeling and control. Our  work is characterized by durability and maximum reliability of the applied pattern.

Laser engraving is performed on  jewelry made of metals: gold, silver, platinum. It’s drawing an image inscription or date using laser. which allows you to make the jewelry individual and unique. The most popular  similar finish on engagement rings, then they from just ring turned into something personal and sacred.

Contact us 098 533-88-33 and get detailed advice about the service.

Features of laser engraving:

Unlike mechanical engraving with laser processing, the elements of device directly do not interact with the surface. No cutting “chips” has. Under the action of a laser  beam from the metal surface its layers evaporate, the inscription literally burns out on the surface. But, due to the fact that heat removal occurs instantly, the product itself does not overheat, it does not deform while engraved.
The laser engraver for metal uses fiber (solid-state) lasers. Structually they consist of emitter, optical fiber and lens. The emitter acts as an energy  source. Light from is tranmitted to the lens with which the beam is focused. Due to this its power is enhanced and inpact surface is minimal, allowing you to perform the smallest detail. This ultra – thin beam also burns out layer by layer metal. By adjusting the power and time of it impact on the surface, it is possible to perform deeper engraving. Due to burning the appearance of deepening at different levels and an image or inscription i formed. The whole process is automatic no manuallabor. Engraving apparatus using the NC that is transferred from the PC to the engaver the desired image. This completely eliminates the human factor and the posibility of marriage or inaccurancies. The whole proces is fast. With the help of a laser  you can apply inscriptions in hard-to-reach places, which is the inner surface of the ring.

Advantages of laser engraving:

  • speed of operations;
  • no physical impact on the material;
  • impact on the minimum surface ensuring image accuracy;
  • coordination of CNC laser movement and absence of defects;
  • predictability of the result its exact coincidence with the layout.

The cost of 3D modeling
calculated individually

To accurately calculate the cost, send an application to our specialist with the necessary information.

All the main operations in laser engraving are performed by the device. Manual operator only installs the product and configures the equipment. Since the picture is tranferred from the computer to the object , then you can create two absolutely identical images, which is often used on engagement rings. Burning on metal with laser is  the most stable way of applying inscriptionsm they do not erase over the years.

    For an accurate cost calculation, send an application to our specialists with the necessary information